No, properties inside the gates of Yosemite National Park do not need a Temporary Peak Hours Vehicle Reservation to enter Yosemite.  Guests still do need to pay to enter the park, entry fee is $35 per car.

Check-in is 5:30 PM or later, check out is 11:00 AM.

Late arrivals are not a problem as long as we are notified by the morning of the arrival day.

Parking is included for one car per room, any additional vehicles need to be approved prior to arrival.

Our guests experience a much more enjoyable visit due to our experience over the past 29 years of operating the B&B.  After arrival we go through maps and tailor an itinerary based on the interests of our guests.

We have Starlink, it has been very reliable but we cannot guarantee service.

No pets are permitted on the property.

No smoking is permitted on the property.

Guests who smoke must do so in the paved parking area and be sure to dispose of their butts safely.

Yosemite is the size of Rhode Island, there is a grocery store in Yosemite Valley and a smaller grocery store in Wawona. We recommend purchasing your snacks and groceries outside of Yosemite for better choices and prices.

Generally, a 5-6 hour drive due to traffic leaving San Francisco and mountain roads. During the summer there can be construction on the mountain roads. We are an hour inside the gate if you enter via highway 120 from the West.

Generally 5-6 hours, we are located 30 minutes inside the gate if you enter via highway 41 from the South.

Always check road conditions if driving from Reno, highway 120 from the East entrance at Tioga Pass can be closed due to snow as late as July. It is the highest pass in California at 9943 ft elevation. The drive from Reno and Lake Tahoe is generally 5-6 hours as well

Cooking is not permitted for guests in or on the property of the B&B. There is a Keurig coffee maker with pods and instant hot water faucet for tea. Guests are welcome to keep picnic items in the refrigerator. Packing a lunch helps to avoid crowds at the food concessions. Guests are welcome to enjoy their picnic items on the deck or in the dining room as well.

Guests who prefer to cook should consider our self-catering apartment, the Sunset View Retreat, it has a kitchen. Breakfast is not available for guests who stay in the apartment.

You need a car to see the park. Bus service is very limited. To our knowledge there is no Uber in the park. Guests may be able to schedule a hike with other B&B guests for one-way hikes by leaving a car at the end of a hike the night before.

Gas is limited in the park, we recommend that you fill your tank prior to entering the park at one of the larger towns outside of Yosemite. There is a gas station in Wawona 11 miles south of the B&B, Crane Flat also has a gas station, it has been out of fuel several times in the past few years.